This past year, I achieved one of my biggest bucket list items: moving abroad and living life as an expat. However, there are still so many items just waiting to be checked off the list.

I’ve always been known to dream big but living in Europe has made the possibility of  achieving the majority of my list even more of a reality than it could ever have been if I had stayed in America.

So, since life is short, I’ve decided to share my list with you all! Every time I check something off my bucket list, I’ll be writing a short blog post about it. Some of the things are personal and some are travel related – which I believe really ties the aesthetic of this blog together. Regardless of whether it’s travel or just my regular old life, once it’s checked off, you’ll get to relive the moment with me.

The list may be subject to change (if I add something when it pops in my head, etc).

So, here it is. My ultimate bucket list.

Let the adventure begin:

  1. Feed a Giraffe
  2. Go to the Giraffe Hotel in Africa
  3. Go to Thailand
  4. Visit all 50 states
  5. Swim with sharks
  6. Go bungee jumping
  7. Go skydiving
  8. Learn how to surf
  9. Get a tattoo
  10. Go to an elephant sanctuary in thailand
  11. Eat street food pad-thai in thailand
  12. Get a full-length novel published
  13. Write a full-length novel and actually finish it
  14. Stay in a castle in Scotland (preferably haunted)
  15. Stay in the pirate queen castle in Ireland
  16. Go to Tokyo
  17. Own a dog named Gatsby
  18. Play with monkeys
  19. Go on a ghost hunt in New Orleans
  20. See a psychic in New Orleans
  21. Stay at a haunted hotel in New Orleans
  22. Party in NOLA
  23. Have my own personal library with books in 360 shelves from ceiling to floor
  24. Live in Paris for a year
  25. Own a summer home
  26. Learn how to drive
  27. Get my license
  28. Drive an extremely expensive sports car really fast
  29. Learn how to ride a bike
  30. Learn how to ski
  31. Learn how to do a cartwheel
  32. Be on TV
  33. Go to a wedding in India
  34. Go on a cross-country roadtrip
  35. Stay in weird, novelty BnB’s on that road trip
  36. Visit Nashville
  37. Keep and maintain a travel journal
  38. Take singing lessons
  39. Take a cooking class in Paris
  40. Learn how to make and decorate a cake perfectly
  41. Make pasta from scratch
  42. Go to Venice
  43. Take a gondola ride in Venice
  44. Go see a showing of The Room and throw spoons
  45. Visit every country in the world
  46. Meet Tommy Wisseau
  47. Play with a dolphin
  48. Meet a big time celebrity
  49. See the Northern Lights
  50. Go to the reindeer farm in Finland
  51. Get really fit
  52. Go to a rave in Berlin and dance all night
  53. Visit Poland
  54. Sing “the hills are alive” in Vienna (cliche, don’t care)
  55. Sing at an open mic
  56. Learn how to draw well
  57. Drink cheap beer in Prague
  58. Explore more of England
  59. Explore more of Ireland
  60. Make amends
  61. Go to a beer spa in Iceland
  62. Master German
  63. Master French
  64. Visit Kyoto
  65. Read all of the classics
  66. Go to JK Rowling’s Hometown
  67. Go on a Hemingway tour of Cuba
  68. Go to the Key West Hemingway house
  69. Go dog sledding in Iceland
  70. Own a Husky
  71. Adopt an animal
  72. Be able to fit into a size 6 dress
  73. Go to Marseilles
  74. Visit StoneHenge
  75. Smoke Cuban cigars in Cuba
  76. Visit the opera in St. Petersburg, Russia
  77. See an opera in Italy
  78. Visit all of the largest libraries in the world
  79. Take a pasta-making class in Italy
  80. Go to every city in Switzerland (not including villages)
  81. Visit Romania
  82. Go to a castle in Transylvania
  83. Teach Michael how to cook
  84. Fill my home with art
  85. Go on a whiskey distillery tour in Scotland
  86. Visit every European country
  87. See all the wonders of the world
  88. Explore more of South America
  89. Go to the beer festival in Serbia
  90. Visit Georgia (country not the state)
  91. See a full eclipse
  92. Visit the beautiful library in Argentina
  93. Visit Cape Town, South Africa
  94. Watch all the top 100 best movies
  95. Stop caring so much what other people think
  96. Own two cats named Dobby and Fondue
  97. Change someone’s life
  98. Buy a Chanel bag for Mom
  99. Speak fluently in German to Michael’s family
  100. Ride a hot air balloon
  101. Go to the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

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  4. My partner and I ran an adventure group for 12 years where we helped people achieve a lot of their bucket list entries, and I write about some of our mad adventures. I hope you can check out my blog, you might get some inspiration!

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