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Why You Should Visit Baden, Switzerland

Why Baden, Switzerland should be on your bucketlist

+ st gotthard hotel

Literary Tour of Zurich: James Joyce

A look into James Joyce’s Zurich

+ how to read 100 books a year

How I Read 100 Books A Year

and how you can do it, too!


How to Travel When You Don’t Love Your Body

A confession.

+ Prince Charles Cinema

Bucket List Item #44 and #46: Meet Tommy Wiseau, See The Room in Theaters

I got to meet Tommy WIseau. Things got weird.


I Haven’t Been A Good Blogger Lately

Here’s why.


My Ultimate Bucket List

Because life is too short.


Learning to Find My Voice Again

An update on where I’ve been.


The Most Hilarious Street Signs in Switzerland

Warning: this post is full of bad puns.


We Need To Talk About Mental Health



Fantastic Food and Where To Find It: Milan

Everything you need to eat in Milan.


Why I Decided To Move To Europe

After a year of hardship, I decided it was time for a change.