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My Favorite Books of 2022

My favorite books of 2022.


What’s Next for FemaleHemingway: An Honest Conversation

What’s next for this blog? Click here to find out.

+ Prince Charles Cinema

Bucket List Item #44 and #46: Meet Tommy Wiseau, See The Room in Theaters

I got to meet Tommy WIseau. Things got weird.


Ultimate Bucket List #74: Visit Stonehenge

#74 crossed off the list.


Literary Tour of London

London for Literary Buffs


My Ultimate Bucket List

Because life is too short.


Literary Tour of Dublin

Dublin for Literary Buffs


Goodbye to All That: A Break-Up Letter to New York

I can’t remember when I fell out of love.


The Most Hilarious Street Signs in Switzerland

Warning: this post is full of bad puns.


On Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

After months of silence, I’m finally finding my voice.


In Memory of Robin Mookerjee

A literary genius gone too soon.


The Top 5 Worst Dates I’ve Ever Been On

You have to sit awkwardly across a table from a lot of frogs before you can finally find your prince (or princess).