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What’s Next for FemaleHemingway: An Honest Conversation

What’s next for this blog? Click here to find out.

+ Prince Charles Cinema

Bucket List Item #44 and #46: Meet Tommy Wiseau, See The Room in Theaters

I got to meet Tommy WIseau. Things got weird.

+ Finnieston

The 11 Best Restaurants in Glasgow

This one will make you hungry.


I Haven’t Been A Good Blogger Lately

Here’s why.


How to Overcome Travel Anxiety

Managing Mental Health On The Road


Ultimate Bucket List #74: Visit Stonehenge

#74 crossed off the list.


Literary Tour of London

London for Literary Buffs


My Ultimate Bucket List

Because life is too short.


Literary History and Luxury: Shelbourne Hotel Dublin Review

Two nights in a luxury hotel.


The Top Five Books You Should Read This Year

Happy World Book Day!


The Most Hilarious Street Signs in Switzerland

Warning: this post is full of bad puns.


We Need To Talk About Mental Health