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Tess Mangiardi is a New Yorker living in Switzerland, a Writer, and Whiskey Enthusiast in her early 20’s. She read The Sun Also Rises when she was 17 years old and ever since, has fallen in love with the idea of traveling, writing in cafes, drinking too much, and eating her way through the world.

During her sophomore year at Eugene Lang College, she was drinking $5 margaritas in a small Mexican restaurant in the heart of Williamsburg when her friend– drunk out of his mind– pointed out her love for drinking whiskey and talking about Hemingway at any chance she got. He pointed his margarita at her while spilling a bit on her leg and slurred, “You know, you’re like– you’re like…the Female Hemingway!” And thus the nickname was born.

These are her adventures in a new country, around the world, drinking and eating and spending as little money as she can.

For press inquiries please contact tmangiardi@gmail.com

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